Technical Services

AC, Electrical, UPS & EPABX Maintenance Services
  • Daily Operation of the A.C. Plant (Screw Chillers) & daily log sheet maintenance, temperature reading to monitor working of overall system.
  • Daily operation of package units of the Canteen / IT Server Room/ATM Room.
  • Checking of Fuses, Contacts, Condenser Fan Motor, Chiller Pump Oil Level, Condenser coil, AHU Fan Motors, Fan Belts, Filters, Coil, Gauges, Motorized valves, motor bearing and in case of break-down, to identify the fault and co-ordinate with Supplier/AMC Provider for speedy rectification.
  • Servicing of Condenser coil, filters, cooling coil.
  • Adjustment of Belt tension.
  • Resetting of all minor faults.
  • Servicing of Filters, adjustment of fan belt tension, setting of Allen Key / fly wheel, checking of contractors of Treated Fresh Air Handling Unit.
  • To check power supply to all lighting and electrical fittings in the building.
  • Electrical Panel Board (LDB, PDB, CPDB, Pumps, Chillers, Fire System, Access Control, Lifts, Fountain) Check-up.
  • Checking the Stabilizer, Capacitor Bank, HT / LT Panel.
  • Cleaning and servicing of starters, contacts, checking of fuse, indicator lamp, ELCB, MCB.
  • Rectification of faults and replacement of spares including bulbs, tubes, chokes, starter, switches, etc.
  • Monitoring power readings of HT / LT / HVAC Panel.
  • Maintenance of Online UPS and note down status report of the batteries.
  • To check the waveform conditions and the reading of energy meters.
  • To check the operation and preventive maintenance of epbax system.
  • To check in the distribution of lines & maintain the instruments in proper condition.
Fire alarm & Hydrant System
  • To check and service Fire alarm System such as Smoke detectors, Response indicators, Break glass, etc.
  • Checking & Servicing of Zonal Control Panel & Main Control Panel.
  • Battery maintenance & to check and tighten all the connections.
  • To provide standard operating, procedure for preventive maintenance of Fire Hydrant & Sprinkler System.
  • Checking & Rectification work of Sluice Valves .Non return valve strainers, etc. for leakages in gasket & gland.
  • Checking & lubrication of Sluice Valves.
  • Checking of Hydrant Valves.
  • Cleaning of Sprinkler Bulbs.
  • Checking & Servicing of Fire Pumps i.e. Jockey Pump, Hydrant Pump and Sprinkler Pumps.
  • Checking & Cleaning Gun Metal Parts of Hydrant Valves, Nozzles by Brasso.
  • Checking of Hydrant /Sprinkler System on auto/manual mode.
  • Checking & Servicing Hydrant & Sprinkler Panels.
  • Cleaning & maintenance of Hose Reel, Hose Boxes, Pipes & Nozzles.
  • Checking of air release Valve.
  • Maintenance of Pressure Gauge / Pressure Switches and Flow Switches.
  • To check and get the greasing done periodically for all the bearings.
Plumbing & Drainage Sewerage line Maintenance Services
  • To check and repair all Sanitary Fixtures and Supply Lines.
  • Maintenance of all Valves, Hand Spray, Stop Cock, Bottle Traps, Nahni Traps, Taps, Floats, and other plumbing and sanitary fittings free from leakage.
  • Maintenance of Fire Hydrant System water line pressure, gland valve, hose reel, hose rack, leakage, etc.
  • To ensure filling of water tanks as per the schedule to keep uninterrupted water supply.
  • Maintenance of all water supply lines to the fountain.
  • Monthly drainage / sewerage lines check up by opening manholes to ensure that there is no choke up.
  • In case of choke up, remove the same manually by using rod or Suction Machine or Hydraulic Auger, as per the need.
Carpentry Services
  • (To check and adjust/repair/replace the following items):
  • Door Closer.
  • Bolt / Tower Bolt / Latches.
  • Door Handle.
  • Hinges.
  • Locks of the Door, Cupboard, Drawer.
  • Door Buffer / Stopper.
  • All Laminates (Door / Work Station, etc).
  • Glass Panes defects (Cracks / Damage / Scratch).
  • Chairs defects (Castor wheels, Seat, Upholstery, etc.), including lubricating chair mechanism.
  • Drawers including lubricating channels.
  • Venetian / Vertical Blinds in the Business Center.
  • Soft Boards / Panels / Notice Board.
  • Check the polish and redo it with instruction form your department.
  • 24 Hrs Operation of S.T.P. by deploying our operators (our operators will daily monitor pH & residual chlorine at site).
  • Routine maintenance of plant by our visiting mechanic.
  • Supply of consumables such as blower oil, grease, chlorotex indicator, pH paper etc.
  • Supply of chemicals & spares required for plant operation & maintenance.
  • Major maintenance such as motor rewinding, yearly servicing of filters etc.
  • Yearly cleaning of raw & treated sewage tanks.
Maintenance of Swimming Pool & Filtration Plant
  • Daily scrubbing of the pool floor.
  • Daily suction cleaning of the pool.
  • Daily application of chlorine in required quantity to the pool water.
  • Services of an Attendant as per the required schedule.
Pest Control
  • Fortnightly rodent control treatment traps, glue boards, bait. in around the Office Premises.
  • Bimonthly general treatment for pests, roaches flies, lizard, etc. in the office premises, security cabins, etc.
  • Periodical checking of concrete structures to prevent Termites infestation.
  • Periodical checking of all wooden furniture and fixtures to prevent wood-beetle infestation.
  • Periodical check up for implementing effective control measures.