Non-Technical Services

Housekeeping Services
  • Spic & Span cleaning services with the assistance of trained personals & latest Innovative techniques with personal supervision on day to day basis will be provided. This would include.
Event Management & Allied Services
  • Arranging of grand events for the company such as Annual day, Excursions, Puja, etc.
  • Allied services what so ever required can also be provided such as appointment of Temporary Staff, or may be receiving your VIPs at the airport.
Mason Services (Once a week visit)
  • (To check, report and repair the following defects):
  • Internal:
    Chipping of Plaster of Paris (POP), Plaster, Concrete wall structure, etc.
  • Chipping of edges of wall corners.
  • Damage of skirting, false ceiling.
  • Crack/Damage of Mirror finished ceramic and other tiles and granite flooring.

  • External:
    Elevation honeycombing/plaster cracks.
  • Damage to kota stones.
  • Damage to border stones of the roads.
  • Dampness / seepage.
  • Painting defects.
  • Arrangement of cars & buses for corporate staff & Commercial purpose on hire basis.
  • Providing for drivers, maintenance of vehicles as per the requirement of the organization.
HRD Training & Placements
  • To Provide Excellent training where in eminent counselors impart the training.
  • To also cover all recruitment services, wherein CVS collected from aspiring candidates, and shortlist.
  • To Interview the candidates as per the standard of your organization.To Interview the candidates as per the standard of your organization.
Pantry & Catering
  • Smartly dressed and well mannered Pantry Boy.
  • Cleaning of Vending Machines, Water Coolers, Hand Drier and hygiene of the surroundings.
  • Ensure working of Vending Machines, Water Coolers, and Hand Dryers and in case of defect, reporting to the concerned Officer and getting repaired through concerned AMC service provider.
  • Ensure availability of all consumables like premix, plastic cups, etc.
  • VIP serving of water, tea / coffee, etc. in the Conference Room, etc. as per requirement.
  • Daily accounting of all pantry consumable & catering records.
  • To prepare & Serve Meals as per your requirement.
  • To prepare the weekly menu for lunch & dinner.
  • To monitor the services & quality of catering.
Desk Services & Reception
  • To provide an assistant to your employees for their personal need such us paying off bills, booking of Cylinder , etc. hence to get their full potential for better productivity.
  • Reception to assist visitors in their transaction with the company and making them feel the warmth.
  • Attending to all Telephone calls for connecting to concern Officers of the company & to maintain the decorum of Reception Lobby at all times.
Administrative Support Services
  • To operate and maintain the Xerox machine & Fax machine.
  • To provide service related Bookings of Railway, Air Tickets, Hotel room etc.
  • To Coordinate with accordingly.
Landscaping & Garden Maintenance
  • Proper care of all plants, trees, lawn inside the Premises.
  • Nurturing of all plants by watering, weeding, fertilizing and spraying insecticides.
  • Beautification of all outdoor plants, hedges, etc. by trimming.
  • Maintenance of Indoor Plants and placing them at different places for beautification.
  • Providing expert services of the Horticulturist.
  • To supply all garden tools, implements, manure, soil, fertilizer, insecticides, etc.
  • Natural, artificial indoor & out door plants also could be supplied.
  • Continuous round the clock vigilance on the premises.
  • Maintaining the records of the visitors moving in & out of the premises.
  • Maintaining the records of the materials (returnable & non returnable) moving in & out of the premises.
  • Armed guards, supervisors, escorts services for VIPs Duty Posts Instructions as given in Annexure – ‘A-1 to A-3’.
Structural Facade Cleaning
  • Periodical Cleaning of the structural facade cleaning using telescopic rod/glass cleaning kit.
  • OR
  • Maintenance will be carried-out using ‘SPACE CLIMA’ Trolley, an imported machine fully automatic with suspended cradle having most modern concept in its application AND IS SAFE.
Courier, Inward Outward Dispatch Service
  • Receipt of all Incoming External Mails and distribution to all concerned persons.
  • Floor wise receipt of all Internal Memos / documents and fax messages from the desks and distribution of the same.
  • Dispatch of Outward Mails separately for Inter city, Intra city, Domestic, and International through courier as well as by Postal Services.
  • Messenger Services for hand delivery / collection of various documents including Bank works, Bill Payments, etc.
Liaison Services
  • To provide personnel to follow up & Coordinate with Municipal Authorities, TMC, NMMC, BEST, etc.
  • City Surveyor, Sub - Registrar of Assurances, Police, Mantralaya, etc.