About Perks

PERKS Group is a diversified business specializing in facility management and related services including property management, human resources and quality services. Aligned into strategic business units with each unit specializing in a range of services related to its service domain.

The figure below shows our overall service delivery model. It shows that our service delivery depends on management and improvement of three essential components throughout the project life cycle. We meticulously plan, deploy, manage and improve the three components i.e. processes, people and technology to achieve the desired results for the project.



First and foremost, our focus is on achieving the desired results throughout the project life cycle. We never loose sight of our overall project goal.

The GOAL of our facility services will be to create and maintain a clean, safe and environmental friendly atmosphere within the premises.


We use industry best practices, engineering standards and processes to accomplish the results as discussed above.


The next essential component of our service delivery model is our people. We have world class practices in hiring and retaining our project staff supported by tailored development program for each project employee. This ensures that only qualified and best available staff is deployed for the project. Further, project employees are provided a customized training based on their role and unique needs for the project so that they are able to achieve the project as well as their individual goals.

A continuous training needs assessment for each project employee is done on a regular basis throughout the project life cycle by our corporate organizational development team. Our corporate training team along with support from our other partners provides the required training.

The “People” aspect of our service delivery model is addressed in more detail in Resource Management


It is almost impossible to deliver world class quality service without using suitable technology especially in a facility environment where there are several different types of facility assets with considerable value at stake. This is also true for clients who have multiple sites. It is important to track and manage our performance for various services and also of our staff over their entire life cycle of the project. This is a huge task that is difficult to manage manually.

We are in the process of developing and deploying our proprietary web base real time portal to manage the various assets of our clients.

Why Consider PERKS?

We guarantee and give you measurable and quantifiable results. For every project, we monitor and report our performance on key performance indicators (KPI’s) on a regular basis.

  • Reduction in Operating & Maintenance Expenses
  • Reliability of equipment
  • Housekeeping services (overall cleanliness Index)
  • Safety
  • Green Environment
  • Brand Image for your facility!
  • If you are seeking any one or more or even all of the above results for your facility then we are your No. 1 Choice!

Key Differentiation

  • Use of international quality standard and best practices in quality improvement such as ISO 9000 concepts to provide world class quality services.
  • Use of performance based contracts using performance management techniques to deliver quantifiable and measurable results in each facility services project.
  • Technical expert with 15+ yrs in facility maintenance services.
  • We have standard operating procedures and best practices that ensure world class quality in our housekeeping services.